Founded By Matthew Marder

Director | Writer | Producer

Matthew (Matt) Marder grew up in rural Pennsylvania, always wanting to become a director and writer. His imagination flourished in the forests and farms of PA. After receiving his undergrad degree in English and Film from Princeton University with minors in Classics and Creative Writing, Matthew attended American Film Institute (AFI) where he earned an MFA in Screenwriting. Since then, Matthew has traveled the world and received scholarships and grants to write. In L.A., he’s been directing and writing his own movies while producing other films under his company, 91 Redrams Productions.


Amanda (AJ) Prager

Director | Writer | Producer

Amanda (AJ) Prager is a filmmaker from New Jersey currently living in LA. She writes, produces, and directs high concept horror, thriller, and sci-fi that hopes to make others feel less alone in their meat containers. She sold her first screenplay in 2021 and has several features in different stages of development. Her films have screened at Hollyshorts, Cinequest, the Smithsonian and the White House.

Amanda Sonnenschein

Director | Producer | Writer

Amanda Sonnenschein is a celebrated bicoastal director, producer, and writer with credits spanning horror, comedy, thriller, and drama. Her most recent work, fantasy-comedy series “The Game”, is currently being shopped to major networks. Other highlights from her directing career include “Drawing From Life” the pilot episode of Amazon Prime’s anthology miniseries “Legends of Sleepy Hollow”: music video “Something Still Here” which premiered on VH1; and “Pizzato”, a claymation-style 3D animation.